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What do you want to be?

July 3rd, 2008 at 05:53 pm

Ahhh the proverbial question I often ask myself as my life continues to pull me in different directions. I found myself asking this question once more as I sat in class listening to lectures about work/life balance and getting certified to be a CIA (Certified Internal Auditor).

And I thought to myself... as the professor said in every marriage especially with children, typically one person becomes the breadwinner and the other is the one able to go for the brass ring.

I came to the conclusion there that my husband, no matter how much I out-earn him... is the "brass ring" person. We travel the world, I'm left as a single parent, all this in the effort of his job. He plans to make Senior Chief before the next 9 years are up and he retires.

My goal is just to enjoy my career. I want my masters because it is good to fall back on... and I realize I should probably get my CPA certification then CIA and CMA, but I'm sort of approaching that in a relaxed fashion. After all, I have young kids and despite how much I want to be "career-oriented"... my passion and life ambition rests within my children.

So... I think if anything this class is hard for me to take because I know a lot of what is talked about cannot be applied to my job, and I can't nor will I leave my job because it allows me to stay home with my children & earn a competitive salary. So my career takes a backseat... corporate America may not be for me... but I know when I'm 40 and my kids are grown (or mostly grown), I can always go back... I've gone back to school and stayed current in the meantime, and yet I will not have sacrificed their youth.

I've always wanted to be that, the mom who is home when the kids are sick... but I've also wanted my own career and identity... as well as my own hobby in horses and pets. I've wanted it all, and I realize the key is balance. You can't have it all at once, but if you pace yourself you will find you can accomplish all of your dreams.

So yeah, I'll stay in school... work on my CPA and then CIA and CMA certifications, and likely by that time my youngest will be 5, DH will retire in 9 years, and I can start branching out and be more a part of corporate America. Until then, I'll just go to school, enjoy my family, and hobby in horses... I'll get there one day.

1 Responses to “What do you want to be?”

  1. Apprentice Fun-Frugalist Says:

    Given that I don't know you at all.... judging by your post I think you are already there.

    You look after your kids yourself instead of contracting them out, you hold down a job and you are able to find time to enjoy your passion for horses (I resonate here coz I love horses also.... I'm going for my first ride in about 2 years tomorrow and I can't wait !!)

    Just something from my own experience that might help. I studied one area - Law - and spent some time working in it & I had the next 10 yrs planned out but without much enthusiasm.. It just made sense (financially, status-wise) to be in that business but it wasn't really my thing. I changed my studies over to Science and now work in that area - and enjoy a much better life-work balance than my friends I studied Law with who are now practising lawyers.

    I may be wrong & again I don't know you, but is the Auditor route something you really want to do or is it just that you find it easy and it doesn't grate you too much ? Would you like to become a riding instructor or somehow involve your passion for horses/pets with your career - I know that horsey jobs are very badly paid. Or maybe that's just a childish suggestion on my part.

    In conclusion, I think you are doing FANTASTIC. When you are old and grey you will cherish the memories of seeing your kids grow up - the memories of corporate America won't add much joy to your life in comparison.

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