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Reconciling Account Balances

May 23rd, 2008 at 06:31 am

Not for myself, but for work.

I hate Excel - and I hate having multiple spreadsheets one to send to accounting, one for our weekly reporting. I hate being sent emails telling me to change one spreadsheet to reflect such and such invoice. Cause if I'm really swamped, there may be a chance that in the midst of updating one spread just before a conference call, I'll be in a rush and forget to update the other spreadsheet. Cause theoretically I only need to update one spread monthly and the other one every Monday.

There has to be a better and more automated way. Until then, the best I know how to do is create a "Check figure" in Excel to compare. I don't know how to link the two spreads together though without creating a whole new set of problems.

I'm sort of nervous about going back to school. I'm not really in my field, but my bosses know that and are in full support of trying to help me get closer to my goal. I told them one day I want to be a Controller and I have a performance review next Thursday to go over goals.

I actually asked the boss to set it up since it had been six months since our last "goal assessment" and with some things in our reporting process changing, I want to make sure my goals and the company's goals remain in alignment. Not sure if I'll get a raise.

I'm kind of cavalier about that. I feel like if I make more money I won't really learn anything from it. We just adjust our lifestyle UP... and we are already on the cusp of the tax bracket, so I don't see a raise benefitting me as much as learning to live on less will.

On the same token, I won't turn down a raise either. My last one was in March of last year, and last summer my performance kind of went to the wayside because Dh and I were having serious problems. I was going to school, just found out I was pregnant with my 4th, and my husband told me that if I kept the baby he would leave me. Wasn't exactly focused on work at the time while I was combatting all that and morning sickness. I could have gotten an A in my class that I was taking too had I done a 20 pg paper, but again - emotionally having all that hit me at once SUCKED... so I was content with my B... and lived with it.

Two months later I found out my Dad had nasopharyngeal cancer. So I didn't go back to school in the Fall.

2007 is certainly a year I will not look back on fondly. I was so excited when it turned 2008. And named my daughter "Calm of the skies" in Hawaiian.... I figured after the year I had, I could use some calm.

So yeah, here I am in 2008. I think I got back into the groove at work awhile ago so if I get a raise that will be awesome... but I won't be totally bummed if I don't. I know things work out for the best anyway. And if I don't get one, perhaps it is just to teach me how to become better at living on less so when I do get the raise, I don't waste it like I have previous ones.

2 Responses to “Reconciling Account Balances”

  1. Carolina Bound Says:

    Apparently your husband didn't leave you? What a difficult time you have been through!

  2. AmbitiousSaver Says:

    Nope, he didn't leave. But did really struggle with coming to grips with having a fourth. Weird part is, she has turned out to be the child most like him. Being Hawaiian/Chinese and White, I felt the chance of us having a blonde hair blue eyed baby was impossible. All of our other three kids were born with black hair and brown eyes. Yet, here she is... with DH's blue eyes and blond hair. Its ironic, really. Things are fine now, but we did go through a really rough spot.

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