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Shopping around for vets pays off

June 5th, 2008 at 12:19 pm

I took our golden retriever for his 2nd set of shots today at the new vet.

He got his distemper & corona vaccines, a deworming, fecal exam, a free bag of dog food, a sample of advantage and sentinel... and a free pedicure

All for $53!!!

Thats the cheapest vet visit I've ever had. At the other vets I've gone to or were quoting me over $100

Needless to say I'm switching all my pets over to that facility now.

2 Responses to “Shopping around for vets pays off”

  1. Yankee Gal Says:

    Wow, that WAS really low! I used to drive about 45 minutes to get to the cheapest vet around...because we had a sickly cat who cost us lots of money (but he was worth every penny)
    Nice job saving $$

  2. scfr Says:

    That is very good!

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