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Compromising to head off costs?

July 16th, 2008 at 04:37 pm

So I went to my horseback riding lesson today after dropping off DH's car to be fixed. And while there I told her after next week the girls would start taking over that slot again since they would no longer be grounded, but if DH ever got a motorcycle he wouldn't care how often I rode.

I came home to see him perusing Craigslist and he found a 1966 Shortbed Chevy Truck (something he has wanted for YEARS) and looked to me like a little boy in a candy store and said "If I can get this, I will NEVER ask for anything else again"

They are asking $10K for it

I have to admit, I'm considering it.


We owe $12800 on his car, so thats already a $2800 reduction on our overall debt. Sure gas prices would be higher, but his car is a commuter car.

Factor in I PROMISED that with our tax return next year he could buy a motorcycle. We're estimating about $5000, so if I bought him a truck - he wouldn't ask for a $5000 motorcycle.

Its also something he's wanted since - I've known him. When we met he had a 1965 Chevy Truck that sat in Missouri. It still needed to be fixed up so we sold it to his brother for $2500 when we needed the money, he's wanted one since. This one, its all fixed up and everything he's wanted.

I don't know... we'll see I guess. DH emailed the guy to see if it was still available since it was posted in June and the 4th of July... I can't imagine too many people want an old truck for $10K OBO right now. I know with gas prices it might not be the most astute thing, but for an automatic $2800 debt reduction and potential $5000 for NOT buying a motorcycle next year (and using that debt to pay down the CC) maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

1 Responses to “Compromising to head off costs?”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Interesting that he has a family and wants as his vehicles he cannot put a family in. All family outings are in your car? I hope that truck is in outstanding condition: $10,000 for a 42 y/o truck? Subtract from your $2800 any expenses to license the truck, and anything it needs right away including something as simple as floor mats and seat covers. I don't suppose he will need to be buying the special historical vehicle plates or a specialized wax for it. Maybe there will be new chamois cloths, duster brushes, etc. If it is a very special truck, it just might need very special care. I think that $2800 might be frittered away in no time, do you?

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