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Transportation and Fuel Cost Analysis

July 17th, 2008 at 04:51 am

Well I examined all of our options as to what we've discussed in the past, looked at fuel consumption for all options, overall debt, monthly expenses.

Our best option is to downsize JUST to my van, but that opens up a whole lot of hassle I'm not sure we really want. Cause the kids are in school, so I have to drop them off at 8 which is also when DH has to leave, so I either have to drop him off at 7... or the kids would be late for school. Then if the kids got sick (which they do) how would I pick them up? Ask a sick child to walk a mile home with me? If my son got sick there would be no way - he goes to preschool a few miles away.

So then our next best option is the motorcycle plus my van and then on bad weather days I have to take DH to work.

The Chevy really only saves us $2000/yr annually in overall debt and it actually increases our monthly expenses because of gas. But I'm sort of swayed to it 1) because DH can fix anything on it and 2) its safer than a motorcycle.

He's on a plane right now so I guess as soon as he lands I'll try to get a hold of him and ask him his thoughts.

3 Responses to “Transportation and Fuel Cost Analysis”

  1. momcents Says:

    Pick up an older fuel economy car for DH to have. A second car is alwys a blessing in the case of a bind, emergency, whatever you want to call it. It doesn't have to be new and trendy to fulfill that purpose.

  2. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    If the reason you cannot scale back to just one car is that the kids need to be occasionally picked up from school at unplanned times, I think you could set aside taxi money to do that. Even the smallest towns usually have a taxi, I have found out. A few taxi rides per month is likely to be well less than the expense of a second car. But then, I also think adding an extra hour to your husband's day is not a great idea....If he has the motorcycle, won't you have to drive him to work all winter? That would be like having one vehicle anyway.

  3. AmbitiousSaver Says:

    True, I sat down with him and told him if we got the Chevy we'd be spending $200 MORE a month than what we are already spending in gas. Oh and I found out he cannot get Car Collectors insurance either because you can't use them as daily driver vehicles. So I told him if we want to save money we either need to scale back to 1 car or sell his car for a motorcycle. Both of which he said wasn't going to happen and he told me for our car repairs on the GTI, apparently what happened was something with the fuse box for $350, the struts need to be replaced for $450 but thats not an emergency, and they wanted to replace a bulb for $45.

    He said he could replace the bulb himself and to just do the fuse box replacement for now and that can give us time to save up for the strut replacement.

    Nonetheless, I think pointing this out to him this way with my handy spreadsheet analysis helped. He didn't say much to counter my point, I know its not what he would like - but numbers don't lie and I do NOT want to be more in debt than we are right now.

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