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October 18th, 2008 at 02:41 pm

We did a lot today

DH got his car fixed... $980, $20 under budget

Our baby had her pictures taken... $77, $73 under budget

We filled up our cars for the rest of the month... $84, $16 under budget

Our other daughter's birthday gift... $10, $40 under budget

So with that extra money we spent:
$20.64 out to eat lunch (for 5)
$49.82 an outfit for the baby & shoes... we did splurge and buy the Sleeping Beauty DVD for the kids
$10.49 for the baby's shoes
$35.04 for socks, underwear, & two shirts for our oldest daughter

Total $115.99 of our $149 that we were underbudget

Not bad, I think I'm going to use the remaining to make sure we have enough groceries for the rest of the month or any other necessities

I feel pretty good, we did buy "extras" that weren't in the budget, but everything we did buy was reasonable I think

I also just finished my tax midterm (it was take home). Its sort of boring, but at the same time, I'm really enjoying the class. We finished the first book "Federal Tax Research" and will start the "Taxation for Businesses" book next week. I think I'll find more interest in that since it starts to relate to the application part of tax law.

The first book is primarily about how to research tax codes, the judicial process, how to select a court, working with the IRS, etc. Which I did enjoy but after writing 3 essays regarding IRS pronouncements, the judicial system, and precedent value on sources... I think I'm done with that.

Now I need to work on my other class. I am really behind. Its a lot of reading & with the midterm I was trying to focus on that first since its due Monday.

I'm doing a group project on Alcatel, then need to write a term paper on Germany and any political, social, economic implications for the country as a result of adopting IFRS.

But whats REALLY scary to me about that class is, we only have ONE exam and its at the end. I really don't like comprehensive exams so I'm trying to make sure I get everything else squared away so come Nov/Dec all I will be focused on is THAT.

1 Responses to “Underbudget!”

  1. Personal Finance Student Says:

    Congrats on being underbudget; that always feels so good. Good luck on your classes!

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