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So how has all this been affecting you?

October 23rd, 2008 at 01:26 pm

Was the question my boss asked me today.

I really didn't know much to say. In my mind I was thinking "Well, as long as I have my job we'll be fine since DH is in the military" but I didn't till a few moments later.

I did tell her I wasn't TOO worried. We're cutting back in some areas, but we always have so thats not really new.

Truth is, my life isn't changing too much from the economy. The only way it could right now is if I lost my job.

My friend's hubby lost her job... my other best friend is a millionaire. I'm somewhere in the middle.

I see the President did sign to make the military's pay raise final... so next October DH will be making $300 more than what he is now. In January we get a $100/mo raise. And then depending if BAH and BAS go up too, then thats extra as well. I think we'll be fine.

The Homeowner's Association wants to raise its dues. We already pay about $40/mo and I think they want to raise it to around $60/mo. I was telling DH that now didn't seem like the right time for most people, not with the economy and all.

There is a board meeting in November to discuss it. But there are already signs being posted by neighbors who want to rally against the raise.

We'll see. In the end though, as I said, I think we'll be fine. People have an amazing tenacity to survive and do what they need to in order to make ends meet. We've been far worse off years ago... no matter what comes our way, it'll be okay.

1 Responses to “So how has all this been affecting you?”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Well, my husband is a builder and he has nothing lined up to do after the house he is working on, so I am worried.

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