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Life with cash

August 7th, 2009 at 05:37 am

So all is continuing to go well with our total money makeover. I've used cash for much of everything that I bought.

Yesterday I had to pay in cash to send the certified letter back to the tenants. After totaling all the estimates for all the damages & breach of their contract, it came to $2568, which is $1043 over their security deposit. So I really was being generous offering to settle all this at $365 ($1889 TOTAL... $365 is after application of the security deposit).

So I sent them back a letter with all the estimates, digital photos on an enclosed CD, copies of their move-in inspection and contracts they signed - and basically said that if we don't settle this at $365 and I have to take them to small claims court, I will pursue the $1043+court costs.

We paid for the babysitter for me to go to class in cash. And yeah, I haven't really had a need to go into my wallet to pull out that debit card much.

We needed lasagne noodles and spaghetti... so again, cash. First 1/2 of the braces on Wednesday, cash again. My only slipup will probably be my tuition and books. But I've sort of planned for that too, it has to go on the CC... just which one.

Citi has an offer for 1.99% interest till July 2010 but it has to be with one of those written checks that they give you for balance transfers. Plus there is a 3% fee.

So I'm leaning towards that. But we'll see I have a few weeks to worry about that.

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