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The Homestretch

December 12th, 2009 at 03:30 pm

Well I'm in the homestretch... just have to take the final exams (or as the case with one of my classes, turn in the take-home final)

So I've been studying process costing, activity-based costing, variances, transfer pricing, and I think the other topics that I have to go over are budgeting & performance management.

But in a week from now, I will have my master's degree!!!!

I already have my CPA review course materials and start the prep course January 4th. Then on Saturdays I will volunteer for 2hrs at VITA from Feb-April.

I can hardly believe this is all really happening.

I am nervous about the CPA exam though. I hear so many people fail it the first time, and with a possible impending move - I wonder how that will all play into things.

We did get a pleasant surprise today though... DH got a check for $75.98 from the bank. I guess its sort of like a shareholder's account, so I am going to deposit that and use it to pay down our debt.

Amazing really... I thought this month would be really tight and somehow we are finding extra money. I also got a $30 rebate check in the mail the other day from when I bought my mixer.

2 Responses to “The Homestretch”

  1. minnie1928 Says:

    Good luck on your CPA exam, I just recently started studying for the CMA exam (from what I understand it's just about as brutal as the CPA) so I TOTALLY understand why you're nervous. Just curious, who's review program are you using? I just recently started using ExamMatrix's CMA review, but I know they also have one for the CPA. I really like this one, it is very easy to use, thorough, and reasonably priced.

    Good luck on your CPA!

  2. ambitioussaver Says:

    I managed to get the Becker CPA review course complete with flash cards for free through a military program so I'm going to be doing that. Good luck on your CMA exam!

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