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Considering a new venture

December 16th, 2009 at 07:53 am

Since I'll be graduating soon and getting my CPA license is high on my priority list... I'm considering trying to find a way to get the experience I need.

With DH in the Navy, moving is always a challenge. So I'm considering looking into what it would take to open up my own bookkeeping business on the side from my current job.

Since moving is a consideration, I'm thinking I'd probably want to cater towards clients who also conduct online transactions.

But there are start-up costs. Software, postage, simply FINDING clients. And regardless, I still need a mentor.

Right now I work pretty closely with our own company's bookkeeping service, so I'm sure I could talk to her as a sounding board - but on that same note, I want to be careful so that she knows I'm not trying to compete with her... just trying to gain experience & make sure I'm doing this right.

But what other things should I consider? I don't foresee this being a forever thing... or maybe I do. However, it won't be my main source of income till I ended up finding enough clients to do so & earned a reputation.

So we'll see. The thought came to me yesterday as I was talking to a classmate in an impromptu study group... I told her I work from home and she asked if I did bookkeeping. Instead I told her I'm an accountant for the marketing department, which is sort of an oxymoron, and figuring out how to spin that during a job interview will be interesting.

Thus I began thinking about what I could do in accounting to eventually get me to where I'm no longer doing a job title that I refer to as an oxymoron.

Maybe doing bookkeeping from home, or even finding a partner/friend to do this with me would be good. Yet I know I need a mentor, so somehow I'm going to have to find someone to guide me on this - at least till I can get started enough to do this on my own.

1 Responses to “Considering a new venture”

  1. homebody Says:

    Good luck! Our friends still send their taxes to the same guy who did them when they lived in the LA area. They now live in Northern California 12 hours from LA by car.

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