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Does it ever make sense to finance something?

January 12th, 2010 at 03:33 pm

DH and I are sort of at a crossroads with a decision.

I have something wrong that causes me daily discomfort. But the surgery to fix it is in the range of $9K to $16K. Healthcare won't cover the surgery because it seems popular in the cosmetic practice.

However, at times I've found myself at such desperation I've been tempted to do something myself. But I know having a physician do the procedure is best... if I try to attempt anything I'll probably just be another ER case.

There aren't many doctors in the area who do the procedure, just one. I had a consult with her & didn't like her bedside manner. I felt like she barely examined me... to top it off she was extremely cheap - $1300.

She also uses another technique than the one I'd like which I've heard results in the most complications.

So the doctor I would want to do the procedure, is the one I quoted the $9K-$16K because he's more expensive & I'd have to travel to his office.

All of DH's arguments against doing the surgery make sense. I completely agree... until the next minute where I'm reminded of my daily discomfort.

So I wonder, does it ever make sense to finance something like this? I know I'm definitely not objective & I can't be in this case. I'm trying very hard to accept this as it is and tell myself we can't afford to "get it fixed". I won't die as a result of not having the procedure, but it seems to be getting worse over the years so I know at some point... this WILL have to be done.


As I said, I know DH's arguments make sense and I don't want to argue with him about this, but its getting to a point where I just want this fixed and I'm tired of crying over it. So I keep wondering, if not this year - then when? There never seems to be a right time.

So I thought about doing one of those surgery financing things. Its not something I'm excited about, but I just want the daily discomfort to stop.

7 Responses to “Does it ever make sense to finance something?”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Is one doctor giving you an estimate for not only her/his charges, but the hospital or surgery center charges, while the other is only telling you their own fee? I mean-- is this an apples & apples comparison? Can a surgeon not make a darned good case to your insurer that your surgery is medically necessary, not cosmetic? Is this a problem that is likely to recur, or is a single surgery going to take care of it forever? And how many times does that lower cost surgeon say she has done it? I was thinking you have coverage through the military...is that part of the indecision somehow?

  2. miz pat Says:

    I'd pray first, research as much as possible (which it sounds like you did) ,argue like heck with your insurance because it's not cosmetic and then do it.

    Because your life isn't about frugality - frugality serves your life, and chronic pain can destroy your life.

  3. ceejay74 Says:

    Do you still have your inheritance? I remember you once saying you'd want to use it for something you'd go to your dad for...and this sounds like that kind of thing.

    Obviously you need to get DH's signoff if it's coming from shared money...but you could gently remind him you're moving to the middle of nowhere to satisfy one of his deepest desires, so...there should be room for you getting something you really want.

  4. ambitioussaver Says:

    CeeJay, Yes, I still have my inheritance and am supposed to be getting another $5K this year. So that's $10K. I've debated spending the money on the surgery. We are getting $10K back from our tax return as well but the tax return will be going to pay off one of my credit cards. I hope to have my credit cards paid off this year leaving only DH's credit card to pay on.

    Joan & MizPat, I did find out that there MAY be a possibility I can get it covered by insurance. I'd have to switch coverages to a different "level" of coverage (right now mine is like an HMO, so I'd have to switch it to a PPO type). So I'm going to look into that route. Hopefully this can work out and my goal of being discomfort-free is not so out of reach. Thank you so much for that insight.

  5. Amber Says:

    Try to get a medically necessary letter from the MD and appeal with the insurance company...good luck

  6. cptacek Says:

    You haven't told us what it is, so the mind can really wander.

    But, does your DH have any objection other than price? Really? I mean, is he using price as a convenient excuse, but really has concerns for something else? Scared about you being in surgery? Worried that somehow things will change between the two of you? Wondering what would happen with the kids, house, other responsibilities, etc as you take time off to recover?

    Say as an example, say you want a hysterectomy and he wants more kids, but instead of just coming out and saying that, he harps on the price. (I don't know if this is it or not, but as I said, my mind wandered). Is that kind of scenario possible?

    If you dig deep, and find out it really is just the price, or if he has other fears that you can soothe, I would say go for it. Chronic pain should be taken care of.

  7. ambitioussaver Says:

    Cptacek, I'd divulge it but its extremely personal and a result of an injury I incurred during my delivery with my first child.

    I did spend some time looking up CPT codes (for billing purposes) and did receive some good news that my insurance actually covers this procedure after all. I'd have my deductible of $150 and then a 20% copay on my part.

    So I guess the next step is scheduling the consult with the doctor and finding out specifically how much it will cost and go from there. But I feel better now knowing that at least 80% of the procedure will be covered.

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