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Must repeat to myself

March 23rd, 2010 at 07:59 am

That just cause its nicer to buy... doesn't mean you should or can afford to

This whole move makes me very aware that we'll have to downsize significantly. We're currently in a 5 bedroom with 2500 square feet and in the new place, the majority of places available to rent are THREE bedrooms.

If I had two boys and two girls then I wouldn't worry so much. But I have three girls with one of them being significantly younger than the others. I just don't see how they can share a room because they have different schedules.

On top of that, the house itself is smaller than our other house... 1100-1500 sq ft. At least the ones that fit our budget. And these range from $1000/mo to $1500/mo.

But if I look at the homes available to buy, they have 4 bedrooms with 3 car garages for less than $200K.

Key though is, I want the nice things and the space but I don't want the added headache and having to carry the costs of maintaining 3 homes. My mom and Grandma are in the nearby area but I also don't want anything else to tie me to the new location.

No, must stick to my guns here and not even entertain the thought of buying. It'll be tight, but I just have to hold out hope that something that will be perfect for us will open up in the rental market.

Then again, who knows if we could even buy if we wanted to. With our CC debt and having to get a conventional loan because DH's VA funds are tied into this house... renting is smarter, I know it is. Just may not be fun but I'm sure I'll enjoy less hassle with the headaches of home ownership and the overall reduced costs... no closing costs, property taxes, etc.

Like I said, may not be fun but the right decision is rarely "fun" in the short term but it'll pay off in the long term

6 Responses to “Must repeat to myself”

  1. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Some people here try to find a house with a smaller number of bedrooms but with a very good, high & dry, spacious, walk-out basement. A special bonus is if the house is built into a hill side such that one side of the basement actually has windows. The house is appraised at the upstairs square footage and room numbers, but the basement is really quite usable.

  2. pjmama Says:

    I hope everything works out! That is definitely a tricky situation...

  3. momcents Says:

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    Good luck! Have faith that a four bedroom may become available. Could you put an ad on craigslist that you are looking for 4 bedrooms? Maybe someone knows of something opening up near the time you need it.

  5. ambitioussaver Says:


    Creditcardfree, the problem largely seems to be that builders just haven't built a lot of four bedrooms. Which is odd to me, 3 bedroom/2 bath seems to be standard there. I looked on Zillow for the area and there is usually only 1 four bedroom for every 10 three bedroom houses available. Crazy! I'm hoping some of these 3 bedrooms have dens that would sort of be like a 4th bedroom.

    As we get closer I'm going to contact a realtor to try and help us. Realtors seem to know more people so I hope I have better luck with that route.

  6. elisabeth Says:

    Or maybe a dining room that could be temporarily turned into a bedroom. I have a friend who lives in an area like that. 4 bedrooms are rare the difference seems to lie in if the houses have other extra rooms like dens, living room, dining rooms. I sure it will work out. Keep the faith!

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