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Fun Activities

April 6th, 2010 at 02:49 pm

Took my kids to the aquarium today. It cost $100 for season passes but at least I can take them again for free for as many times as I'd like. With as many kids/people in my family, I'd only need to go twice to make it pay for itself.

The two year old loved it and they loved going down the hall of mirrors, petting stingrays, and touching starfish. If it wasn't so crowded I probably would have stayed longer.

Afterwards we stopped and ate. $20 for the five of us to eat. Really would have preferred to eat at home, but I have way too much to do today. Need to finish studying for Regulation 1 and start section 2 tomorrow. Then I have some stuff to do for work.

I guess this is the nice part about working from home. The kids were driving me nuts & I wasn't really getting anything done so at 2:30 I just loaded them in the car and we went.

When I got back at 5, to my horror I realized our 2 y/o golden retriever had free roam of the house. I must have forgotten to lock his crate.

But there he sat in my entryway, looking happy as ever with a smile on his face and my Coach purse sitting on the entryway table beside him... untouched. It was as if he was saying "See, I'm a good boy - you don't need to crate me."

And he is a good dog. We got him just about when I started this blog. Something about golden retrievers just make me melt.

Anyhow, so it looks like I'm going to hit the treadmill again to make up for those french fries. But the kids had fun, we can go again for free, and it'll give me something to do with them while DH is away.

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