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Warranties... on shoes? And Moving Update

April 15th, 2010 at 12:40 pm

Yesterday DH told me the Navy Exchange offers warranties on their shoes. For $10, if they wear out sooner than expected, you can ship them back and they'll give you the money you paid for them.


Am I the only person that thinks thats a little crazy? Shoes are clothing, I don't get warranties on my clothing - if they break, I either return it & complain to the store or I make a mental note of the brand and never buy it again.


On another note, I realize DH and I still have not come to a decision about our trip to Missouri in the midst of our move. I've made three concessions but he's not pleased with them. Here is my offer...

3 days in Missouri
Not buying a laptop, but sometimes plugging in the iMac from the hotel so I can work

His offer

Stay in Missouri for a week @ $200/night
Not buying a laptop

So my counter offer was to stay a week, but we'd have to buy a laptop so I could work. He thinks that is just an excuse to get a laptop but here are some of the problems with this trip:

1) The Navy is only giving us 9 travel days (I think our full allowance is $6700) between per diem, travel, lodging, and DLA.

2) Because we have four kids and TWO pets (one being a large golden retriever), we have to get two hotel rooms wherever we go. I estimate this to be around $200/night

3) We don't even have a tenant for our current place yet (although to be fair we haven't listed it yet) and every month we don't, that is $2000 in the red. I'm hoping we can find a tenant by July 1 when we leave here

4) We don't even have a place set up at the new place. I'm estimating it'll take a week to get utilities and everything set up with the movers... let alone FINDING a place to live if we haven't found one by the time we leave here

5) The Navy only gives you about 80-90% of the moving allowance upfront. So some of the money we have to front.

I'm anticipating already having to come up with $1000-$2000 (since we won't get all of the $6700 upfront) out of pocket based on the below costs:

This is assuming a 3 day stay in Missouri (that is not including the travel day there and the travel day leaving)

So I don't know. I told him I'm trying to be reasonable, I understand he wants to see his family but I also harbor some feelings of resentment because back in January of last year he was SOOO pressed to see his family because his Dad was having heart problems. Being a good wife I supported that and pushed my family off.

Then guess what happens? MY Dad dies and the only memory I have of seeing him healthy is 2 1/2 years before his death. So I'm fully aware that I harbor feelings of resentment about this.

He got mad and said "So now I can't see my family?" And I told him it wasn't that... but these are feelings that come to me, because had I known then what I known now - I wouldn't have been agreeable to see his family then and instead saw my family.

But there is no crystal ball to say his Dad will be just fine in a year from now. I know that. If I had that ability to see a year from now, and if his Dad was okay I'd say "Lets go next year", but if he wasn't then I'd say "Let's go see them"

I really don't want to see them cause there is just so much going on and I can't take more than 2 weeks off of work. But he doesn't understand cause not everyone has 3 MONTHS of PTO they can take.

2 Responses to “Warranties... on shoes? And Moving Update”

  1. snshijuptr Says:

    I'm not entirely sure of the situation, but could he stay with the kids near his family while you continue on to your new home? You can get the basics setup, get work done, and try to find a new place. Have him share a room with the kids and dogs in MI.

  2. ambitioussaver Says:

    His family's argument to that is "We want to see you too".... but we finally agreed to one day traveling down there, three days there, and then one day traveling away from there. That should keep me out of work at a maximum of 2 weeks and no cost for a laptop.

    I'm okay with this. Its very similar to my original plan, but just extending 1-2 days.

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