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10 hours and 28 minutes

April 16th, 2010 at 03:28 pm

Thats exactly how much more of the Regulation lectures I need to listen to (along wiht 662 Multiple Choice Questions). Not counting the 145 I plan to do today (or the 128 I've already done today alone)

I decided I REALLY want this done & over with. I'm getting bored and burnt out. I'd rather be spending my time doing other things. Did I mention I'm so over this?

So I'm going to do my best to take Regulation either 4/30, 5/3, or 5/4

Then I'll start studying for BEC. I've already done the first module for BEC and aced it at 90%, but I want to take that just prior to or just after Memorial Day weekend.

I MAY try to fit in a trip then though. DH is going to a conference and is going to get a "day off" on the 16th of May so I'm thinking about driving the 7 hours to go see him, sight-see, etc. He has a ton of Marriott reward points racked up so hopefully we can get the hotel for the two nights for free. There was no point in me trying to stay the entire time he'd be there, I have things I need to do and he's there for work... but this will probably be the last opportunity in a long time we'll be able to go and if I can get the hotel for free & a friend to watch the dog for two nights... aside from gas & food - the trip should be relatively inexpensive.

So we'll see. But I do know one thing... and its that I am READY to put the CPA exam behind me.

Think I can do a module for every 2 days? (That should have me done studying for REG by next Friday) I don't know if I can do it but I'm certainly going to try.

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