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Mistakes on my part

April 22nd, 2010 at 12:44 pm

I made the mistake of counting my eggs before they hatched. DH got his travel money today. He told me he should be getting around $750, what was deposited $463. But he is still saying that we should be getting another $300... yet we'll have to wait awhile for that because the military overpaid on his government CC so he has to call Citi to have them send him a check.

We were supposed to buy his dress blues, but we also had to spend $100 fixing up the yard to get the house ready to be shown. On top of that we'll need to spend money on the following items in May/June:

Paint supplies to touch up paint the house (probably around $50 or less)
Landscaping repair to the side yard of the other house (need estimate)
Attic & GFCI repair to the other house (need estimate)
Property taxes (around $600)
Dog and cat's yearly appointment & flea stuff (around $400)
Flood insurance premiums ($675)
Termite protection/inspection renewal ($130)

I thought we'd be okay cause the trips would help offset these costs. But I guess not, we'd need to start dipping into savings to avoid using the CC's.

This was poor planning on my part. Now debating the trip to South Carolina. The hotel is free, so the only costs would be boarding the dog (3 nights at $20/night), gas, and we could offset the cost of food since the room has a kitchen and offers free breakfast.

The reason we wanted to go was because this is probably the cheapest time we'd ever be able to go since the hotel is covered & its within driving distance. I don't anticipate the trip costing more than $500 and even that is pushing it. Which, a trip for 6 people, once we move out to the West Coast will cost much more. We also haven't taken a weekend getaway in over 4 years. This would also free up the house that weekend for showings.

I think it'll be more like $300 at most. Even if I still did go, we wouldn't use the CCs, we'd pay for it with savings.

So I don't know. I wish I had done better in planning all this. Sometimes I think I can be too optimistic about a few things.

1 Responses to “Mistakes on my part”

  1. Apprentice Bliss Hunter Says:

    Go on the Trip - a weekend away will do you all good - and it won't cost a lot.

    Don't sweat the small errors in foresight - everyone makes errors.

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