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Toddlers, Homework, and Ambition

April 23rd, 2010 at 02:06 am

My youngest daughter wouldn't leave my oldest alone while she was doing her homework.

I wonder if more kids had to deal with toddlers and homework if the teen pregnancy rate would go down. At least one can hope.

By the way, I wasn't doing this to punish her. DD #3 just loves her sister so much & I was actually really impressed with how nice, gentle, and understanding DD #1 was about a 2 year old DEMANDING that she be on DD #1's lap.

But if any of my kids understand what I juggle, my oldest daughter probably gets it more than anyone. Ironically, as she's trying to do her homework with a 2 year old on her lap... I struggle to find time to study as I try to make sure the kids understand their schoolwork.

I'm still struggling with DD on her math homework. That paper you see her working on took 3 hours for her to complete & I was sitting beside her the entire time. Each time I'd spend a few minutes showing her how to work the problem, she'd try, make a mistake, I'd show her again, she'd make another mistake, and the process continued... over and over.

They are working on multiplication and long division. However, I can no longer keep up with how teachers teach kids math these days. I told her to multiply 40 by 150 and she proceeds to draw a box. A box? She got the right answer but I had no clue how that box gave her the right answer.

But anyhow... kids are finally in bed, DH is not home (which I'm somewhat grateful for since I obviously didn't get much time to study for my exam since I was helping DD with her math homework), and I just finished R6's lectures. Have some multiple choice questions to do and I plan to start R7 tomorrow.

Not much longer and I can put this CPA exam behind me... which I'm sure all that "free" time will be replaced with finding other ways to encourage my kids academically. DD #1 now wants to be a Marine Biologist in lieu of Earth Day, DD #2 wants to be a vet, and DS wants to be a police officer. So I'm using their ambitions as a way to drive their interests in the fields of math & science.

We watched Oprah's discussion on Earth Day and the documentary "The Cove" which inspired DD #1 to learn more about science.

But while we were watching segments of "The Cove" & talking about Marine Biology, I realized there are some conversations you NEVER forget as a parent.

5 years ago, on a trip to Sea world, DD #2 saw a trainer kiss a dolphin. In her 3 y/o words "Dolphin kisses" so I remember asking "So what do sharks give?"

"Shark kisses"

So now whenever I see a shark, I always remember DD #2's "Shark Kisses" Thanks, DD #2

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  1. jillybean Says:

    I can relate to the math homework with my kids. The "box" I think is what my kids called the lattice method. I never have grasped it. To check their answers I would have to solve the problems my way then compare to their answer using lattice. They swear lattice is easier--I tend to disagree.

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