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Money well spent

May 18th, 2010 at 09:14 am

I picked up the dog from the boarder's today and I have to say the difference between the boarder's and the vet's is like night & day.

The vet charges $20/night for boarding, the boarder's is $36/night. But I have to tell you - that extra $16/night is WELL WORTH it.

The vet only took him out 2 times a day. He was left there for a week while we were in Hawaii & when I came back, he had rubbed the fur on his nose off because he was left alone for so long.

The boarder's make it a point to give the dogs treats & lots of playtime. They are given 4-6 potty breaks every day along with nice bedding to sleep on.

I did get our dog groomed while there & that cost $65 but the boarding was $108 for the 15th-18th.

Yet when I got him back, he was happy and had not rubbed his nose raw. He's not an overly emotional dog that gets separation anxiety so I know it doesn't take much to make him happy.

I was just so pleased. I debated about spending more, but after my experience at the vet's in October - I was determined to give this place a shot despite their higher price tag. I have to say it was money well spent.

4 Responses to “Money well spent”

  1. momcents Says:

    We send our dog to a man who lives in our subdivision. He is a professional dog walker and trainer, and thankfully our shi tzu gets along well with his three collies and two cats. He discounts our fee and we pay about $40 a day, and the man confessed that our dog actually slept in bed with him and his wife, and their dogs. By far the best loving care he has ever gotten! And well worth the money, too!

  2. gamecock43 Says:

    I am glad you and your dog found a good place. It helps make the vacation go so much better knowing that everyone is safe back home.

  3. Analise Says:

    It's great that it worked out. I spend lots on pet care when we're gone, but it's worth it.

    When we travel on long trips, TC the cat goes to live with a family I know. I pay their teenage son $20 a day to care for her. He is a cat person and she comes back very happy... she sleeps in his bed. I am happy to pay him because he is responsible, needs to earn some extra $$, and it's mutually beneficial.

    For short trips, I pay a wonderful petsitter who comes once a day ($22 per day). TC loves her, although I think she she gets lonely at home by herself most of day.

    I would not want TC in a cage at the vet for more than a day. I think it would traumatize her.

  4. NJDebbie Says:

    I would've paid the extra to keep my Max happy too.

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