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December 15th, 2010 at 02:31 pm

Finished a 2nd interview with a private insurance company. I'd be the accountant managing 10-13 self-insured groups. I'm one of 4 applicants for 2 positions there. I told the Director of Operations there the only thing holding me back from the position is that it isn't public accounting, but if I can network with other CPAs to get the auditing hours I need - and I can still get my license. We can hopefully work something out. It's in both of our best interests if I have my CPA license anyway.

They were encouraging to helping out since their CPA firm sends people their way a lot and they have a lot of CPAs internally that they can send me out there if need be.

Interview tomorrow in another town as well. But the commute is an hour so I would like to avoid it if possible. But we'll see.

Keeping fingers crossed. I really like the insurance administrator company.... I know I'll be challenged there.

In the meantime, the local CPA guy who owns a small firm here - he gave one of his auditors my name & I'm going to be helping her out do an audit for an HOA (sending out confirmations, analytical procedures, and reviewing internal controls). Nice part with that firm is that I can do a lot of it remotely, plus it is a good networking opportunity.

2 Responses to “Interviews”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Good luck, hope you get the job!

  2. Joannej Says:

    Good luck Ambitious...Hope that you get the job you want.

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